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Living Better. Sipping Together.


One Steep At A Time

The Most Important Decision You Make Each Day

Our mission is to help our community explore and experience what well-living means to them. To provide quality products and services that support wellness by making healthy choices accessible, convenient, and achievable. Of the thousands of choices and decisions we make each day, why not make choosing your Self that much easier. One cup of tea at a time.

We Now Have Gift Cards!

A perfect gift for someone you care about.

eGift Cards are easy to set up and email to your friends and family.

You’ve Ordered Your Loose Tea… Now What?

If you’re new to loose leaf tea, and don’t have a fancy infuser or accessories, that’s ok. We have some easy household hacks for you.

Here are three things you can use to start sipping now:

1. Coffee Filters – If you have paper coffee filters in a cupboard somewhere, you can easily drop a teaspoon of tea into it and and let it sit in your cup as a basket, or fold it up to create an envelope – tada! instant infuser.

2. Cheese cloth – If you have some clean cheese cloth or similar material used for straining foods, you can fold up your leaves to make a satchet. Best part about this technique is you can clean and reuse the material.

3. The old school strain method – If you have a closely knit mesh strainer, you can let your loose leaf tea float freely in larger vessel to steep, and then pour through the strainer into your cup.

Ethically Sourced.
Responsibly Served.

Integrity and Environmental Responsibility are two key values that factor into our decision making at One Steep At A Time. We ensure that we work with suppliers who practice ethical treatment of employees and sustainable farming practices. Our product packaging is 100% backyard compostable (and the tea leaves are very healthy for your garden too!), and our shipping materials are 100% recyclable. We ship through Sendle, a 100% carbon neutral shipping company. As we grow, we will continue to consider social responsibility and environmental impact with every expansion we make.